The Super Cool Central team has an unrivalled history in the planning and design, supply, installation and commissioning of air conditioning systems of all sizes. Our engineers have been privileged to be involved, at a senior level, on an extensive variety of projects including the homes for British and foreign royalty, major international celebrities, university archives and national treasuries, research laboratories and medical institutes, even recording studios and vast wine cellars.

Besides the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems of all sizes and in all kinds of locations, from homes to educational institutions, commercial, industrial and retail sites to call centres and office blocks, Super Cool Central can offer the following specialist cooling, humidity and temperature control, and air filtration services to projects such as:

Museums, literary, record or film archives.
Clean rooms.
Medical, dental and veterinary sites.
I.T. server rooms.
Pharmaceutical and research organisations
Specialist engineering sites, such as the motor racing industry.

Super Cool Central undertakes total system responsibility – from conceptual design, engineering and fabrication (if needed), installation and commissioning.

So, if you want free expert advice, plus a friendly and honest non-obligatory quote, contact Super Cool Central Ltd.


Super Cool Central works with its clients to establish their exact requirements. Measuring existing temperatures and mapping the construction and layout of the room(s), floors, and buildings involved to design a system that will precisely fulfil the client’s needs and expectations, within their budget and to high technical and environmental standards.

This may not mean the installation of a totally new system but could mean Super Cool Central upgrading your existing system to so that it becomes more energy efficient and suits your changing requirements.

We pride ourselves that our installations are durable and reliable, and therefore more economic.


Super Cool Central offers numerous options for the regular maintenance of your air conditioning system(s). Anything from once a year inspections and cleaning to in-depth maintenance contracts customized to your requirements.


With a team of qualified engineers we have the ability to offer a fast response to any breakdown. Our fully equipped service vans carry the latest and most professional array of tools and equipment available to allow our engineers, wherever possible, to complete any repairs during their first visit. Thus, ensuring that any system downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Currently only 5% VAT on new energy efficient domestic systems.

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